Pink Glitter Gradient Nails

30 Mar
March 30, 2014

pink glitter gradient nails

I thought I’d try a gradient manicure after seeing some pretty ones online. The technique is fairly easy but my first attempt didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted. For this manicure I used Sephora’s Formula X Brazen and Eureka. 

sephora formula x brazen and eureka

Brazen is a pretty pale pink pastel creme and Eureka is a hot pink creme. The formula for both of these was great. I’ve loved all of the Sephora polishes I’ve tried so far and these two didn’t disappoint.

pink glittery gradient nail

To create this look I first painted my nails with a few layers of the pale pink Brazen polish. I kept the layers fairly thin and waited for them to dry completely before finishing the next step. Next, I mixed a small amount of the Brazen with the Eureka polish and sponged on the hot pink to the top half of my nail. If you’d like a tutorial, the Nailasaurus has a great one. I was going for that look but unfortunately mine wasn’t as perfect!

Clean up was fairly difficult with this one as the sponging leaves a lot of polish on both sides of the nail. I would have liked a small nail art brush to apply polish remover to the cuticles but I didn’t have one!

sephora formula x eureka brazen gradient swatches

To finish I applied a thin coat of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust and Seche Vite.

pink gradient nails

pink pastel gradient nail art

Overall I liked this design but it wasn’t as perfect as I hoped for. I suppose it was a pretty good first attempt though! If you want to re-create this manicure I highly suggest you follow an online tutorial like the one I linked to earlier in the post. Youtube should also have some ideas.

I’m so impressed with Sephora’s Formula X polishes and can’t wait to try some more, thanks so much hubby!  As always I’d love to hear what you think about this design and if you have any ideas.

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